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AeroHail Photography

I'm a hobbiest toy photographer with an addiction to cute figures!

Q- What camera do you use?
A- A Nikon D3000 and a Nikon

Q - What lens do you use most?
A- Its a AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm.

Q- Where do you get your toys?
A- Mostly from hlj (online store) but often Y!Japan too.

Q- Why do you take photos of toys?
A- It started with me finding the ball jointed doll community and their wonderful photography. I wanted to try it and ended up getting my own BJD later down the line.

Over time my interest in photographing my ball jointed doll waned. It was big, heavy and hard to take out and about so my interest turned to smaller more portable toys. (I still love owning the BJD though!)

It's a super fun hobby and I recommend trying it!


I love drawing cute stuff!

Q- What tablet do you use to draw?
A- I don't use a drawing tablet, I use my laptop's track pad.

Q - What programmes do you use?
A- Photoshop CS5 + aseprite (for pixel art)

Q- Do you have OCs?
A- I do! You can find out about them here

Q- Do you do commissions?
A- I do! You can see the prices here

Q- Do you do art trades?
A- Sometimes! Contact me on dA or Tumblr to ask!

Q- I saw your design on a Tshirt
A- Thats right! I sell my designs on TeePublic! But if you've seen them for sale else where please let me know!


You actually want to know about me?? UwU

o Favourite colour is yellow.

o Favourite games:
Animal Crossing Pokemon (maingame and PMD)
o Ava is actually my middle name but everyone, including family has always called me by it.

o I’m Aro.

o I adore moths! So floofy!

o I love birds, especially corvids and pigeons.

o I have a cat called Indie.

o 日本語を勉強して います!

o I don't have a sweet tooth.

o I live in the Scottish countryside.

o I have an addiction to cute anime figures, plushies and crystals.